Refugee Owned Businesses in Atlanta

If your social media timeline looks anything like mine, a quick scroll leaves your eyes and mind inundated with images of some heartbreaking current events. Among the tirades of politics and economics, our society finds itself grappling with one of the greatest humanitarian crises of our time in Syria.

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Girl Scout Cookies and Georgia

It’s the season of Girl Scout Cookies and I have never felt so content spending $4 on a box of cookies. Year after year, these special treats fill my pantry with their colored boxes of new and old flavors (with my personal favorite being Samoas® Cookies, but let’s be honest…I am not that fussy;p).

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Where to Celebrate V-Day in Atlanta

Valentine’s Day is coming up and all advanced planners are making reservations at their favorite dinner date spots. While this is the perfect night out for some, others are looking for a new adventures to replace the cliche fancy dinner. If you’re looking to mix things up this V-Day, check out our (4) suggestions below for enjoying your favorite foods and drinks away from the table.

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