Drink Local, My Friends

Atlanta is already known for its music scene, southern cooking, and let’s face it….traffic. Thanks to Sweetwater Brewing Company, Atlanta is now quickly becoming known as a haven for local breweries that are changing the meaning of “Sunday Funday” and dating …one beer at a time.

1. Sweetwater Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia)

A huge facility located in downtown Atlanta, this brewery hardly deserves to be called a microbrewery anymore. Featuring a host of IPAs, a two-story drinking room, and good vibes all around – Sweetwater is a classic start for anyone new to the brewery scene. Be sure to arrive early or take an Uber – the traffic in and out of this place is true to Atlanta and packed.

Sweetwater Brewery

2. Orpheus Brewing (Atlanta, Georgia)

Located on the Atlanta belt-line, this place is the perfect excuse to stop whatever form of exercise you may be doing. Seriously. With a patio overlooking the belt-line, a pet-permitting policy, this is the newest brewery to keep an eye on. It’s the perfect summer brew: sweet, sour, fruity, and sensationally named. Make sure you try the ‘Atalanta’ (and yes, I spelled that right).

Orpheus Brewing Company
Orpheus Brewing Company

3. Β Three Taverns (Decatur, Georgia)

Often forgot because of its non-central location, Three Taverns Brewery is located in Decatur, Georgia, a short 20-30 minute drive out of the heart of the big A., it’s beer is like a slice of Europe right here in the States. The small wood-based drinking room is like a cozy log cabin. Be sure to enjoy ‘A Night in Brussels,’ right here in Georgia. Perk: The souvenir glass is a goblet.

4. Red Brick Brewing Company (Atlanta, Georgia)

Lesser known and on the rise, this place is not to be missed. It is a little off the grid but still in the Atlanta area and with the most generous pours of any brewery that I have ever visited. Decorated in classic college bar fashion, this place makes going to a regular bar just not as exciting. So ask yourself: “What ales ya?”


5. Montaluce Winery (Dahlonega, Georgia)

Have you ever wanted to take a trip to Tuscany, look at plane prices, and cry while on your way to your local Wal-Mart to settle on a boxed Chardonnay? Settle no more! Montaluce Winery, a quaint Tuscan-styled winery located in Northern Georgia is the perfect place to enjoy a wine-tasting – without the expensive plane ticket. This place is truly something special and even the entire surrounding area has joined in on the Italian atmosphere. Walking alongside the orange walls laced with green vines and rolling hills…Montaluce Winery is truly the “Little Italy” of the South.

Montaluce Winery
Montaluce Winery


6. Frogtown Cellars (Dahlonega, Georgia)

The porch view is very open and provides a good view of the rows upon rows of grapes that this winery has to offer. However, it was one of the lesser accommodating wineries I have visited on the Georgia wine trail as it does not allow pets, but if you’re in the area and been to the other vineyards then it can still be a worthwhile trip. This is the perfect winery for those who like dry and earthy wines.

Frogtown Cellars
Frogtown Cellars

7. Three Sisters Vineyards andΒ Winery (Dahlonega, Georgia)

This winery isn’t the fanciest one around, however, it is very comfortable. Although the view isn’t as breathtaking as some of the other nearby vineyards, it is extremely accommodating to groups who just want a relaxing day outside. Most of their wines are fruity and flavorful making it a great spot for a day out with that (crazy) friend who is still working on developing a wine palette.


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