Rooftop Times and City Skies

Atlanta’s skyline is no New York, but she’s still special. After a rapid growth into a major metropolitan hub, Atlanta’s layout can only be described as chaotic with the word “organized” occasionally thrown in on a good traffic day (jokes, those don’t exist). Luckily for us, this scattered city layout leaves for a BEAUTIFUL city skyline, something I have a small obsession with seeking out on nearly every trip I take. Where’s the best place to see a city skyline in its full glory? ROOFTOP! Thus, I set out on a search for the best rooftop bars in my lovely city of Atlanta.

Sky Lounge

Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge
Sky Lounge

Situated in the heart of Downtown Atlanta,Β this bar is my personal favorite for its skyline view. It is located on top of the Glenn Hotel near Phillips arena and only one elevator ride to the top. (I would suggest taking Marta if you are already local to save on the valet-only parking costs.) Despite this fancy feature, the drinks were surprisingly affordable, delicious, and served by an extremely attentive staff. This view is worth every hour of parking in both the day and the night. I suggest getting there a little earlier than the usual crowds so that you can secure a seat on the patio nearest to the best skyline view where you will be in awe of the up and down waves of the skyscrapers and the night-lime lights of the Sky-Wheel. This lounge is open-air with a partial roof. This place is postcard-worthy.

Whiskey Blue

Although this bar is technically a “rooftop-bar,” the view isn’t worth the excessive price tag per drink. You’re looking to spend about $15 minimum, assuming you can find a seat as many of the comfortable couches are by reservation only. Β The atmosphere is very urban and cool if you have a big group ready to splurge, but the skyline sights are minimal. This bar has both outside and inside seating available for those looking for a very upscale bar.


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