Why You Should Visit SkyLounge: Atlanta’s Premier Rooftop Bar



What if i said that you could have a night out at one of the “top 23 rooftop lounges in the world? (ABC.com). What if I also told you that you wouldn’t even have to leave Atlanta, Georgia to go there?

If your response included jumping with excitement at the idea…then you’re in luck! Forbes Travel Guide lists SkyLounge Atlanta as one of the top five rooftop bars to visit in the city and we’ve got to admit….we wholeheartedly agree. Few views in the city are able to encompass so many Atlanta classics in just one colorful ,panoramic skyline. Located atop the Glenn Hotel, their rooftop features a covered and uncovered section, neither of them compromising your skyline view of Atlanta’s downtown skyscrapers and the SkyView Ferris Wheel (a MUST SEE at night when its bright, colorful lights are glowing).

“SkyLounge exhibits a contemporary city feel while maintaining a relaxed Southern charm,” creating the perfect ambiance to enjoy their “handcrafted cocktails” made by their “award-winning mixologst.” The drink of choice here is a specialized cocktail unique to the hotel the lounge sits atop:The Glenntini. They describe this signature drink as “a delightful concoction of perfectly infused vodka in a cold martini glass,” garnished with “a paper thin slice of cucumber” with guests describing it as an elegant staple to your SkyLounge experience.

In order to enjoy this one of a kind perspective of downtown Atlanta under both the sunlight and her city lights, we suggest arriving early to scout out your favorite spot before the crowds arrive later in the evening. But if you’re looking for a later start to your night, stop by Glenn’s Kitchen first, located at the same hotel as SkyLounge, to enjoy their “American comfort food with a Southern flair” including appetizers like “Short Rib Ravioli or Pimento Cheese, to entrees like Shrimp-n-Grits, North Georgia Trout, Fish Tacos” or their “classic pan seared Angus Burger.” No matter how you spend your evening here, it’s guaranteed to excite all of your senses.

[Published on the Facebook page of Atlanta Food Walks, September 2016]


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