5 Things To Do At The Goat Farm


Located in Atlanta’s West Midtown neighborhood there exists an urban peculiarity where farm appeal meets the world of arts, performance, and freedom of expression. This “hybrid project,” better known as the Goat Farm Arts Center, has drawn the attention of locals and filmmakers alike to explore its maze of living art projects and witness firsthand the sets of shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Hunger Games that have filmed at the farm. Here’s our top 5 suggestions for what to do on your visit:

  1. Animal lovers, unite! The Goat Farm Arts Center is not just a crafty name. There are real goats here. I repeat: there are real goats here! On your visit take time to feed them some grass- it is the true (possibly only) way to their heart. The giddy prances that follow are well worth it.
  2. Enjoy a coffee in the Warhorse Coffee Shop (they accept cash donations only) and feel yourself taken aback in time as you sip amongst the antiques scattered around the shop.
  3. Wander through District 12 from the Hunger Games. Back in 2012, the Goat Farm was a filming location for the second movie in the series, Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Pretty cool, right? (Pro tip: watch the movie before your arrival so you can be an expert scavenger in search for these key filming spots).
  4. Pretend you’re in an episode of the Walking Dead, which has also used the Farm for filming, most famously in the 2010 episode “Vatos.” No worries though- no real zombies reside at the Farm (that we know of).
  5. Attend a FREE show featuring contemporary cultural and arts performances. For a complete listing of their upcoming shows, keep up with the Goat Farm on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheGoatFarmArtsCenter/

Note: The Goat Farm Arts Center has actual residents on site, so please be respectful of these creative grounds. Photography is not allowed at the Farm.


[Published on Atlanta Food Walk’s Facebook Page, October 2016]


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