River Street Sweets: Halloween Celebrations


Halloween season is one of my favorites, largely because it is one of the few times in the year in which candy is abundant and its consumption can easily be written off as just a part of the celebration. (At least, this is what I tell myself. It’s working great so far, though).

My current obsession is the Praline, a sweet and soft sugar concoction often coating Georgia’s favorite nut: the pecan. While our summer’s claim to fame is the peach, the pecan takes the spotlight in the cooler weather. Our favorite pecan-infused praline comes from a family of confectioners who started their southern-candies company, River Street Sweets, in the beautiful historic district of Savannah, Georgia and have gained popularity through their mastery in the art of praline-making.

Originally dubbed The Cotton Bale, the early River Street Sweets shop was a haven for different Georgia specialties, such as local crafts. However, the family soon found their niche in the world of candy-making and thus their “world famous praline” was created. Fortunately, a road-trip to the coast isn’t required to enjoy these candies as a result of the southern expansion of the company. Georgia residents can experience their pralines for themselves at River Street Sweets – Mall of Georgia and River Street Sweets – Phipps Plaza.

Without a doubt, you must indulge in their praline, but River Street Sweets also appeals to those looking for a bit more variety in their candy choices. Lining the shop walls are colorful rows of candy bins filled with shark shape gummies to pumpkin shaped candy corns. They also offer plenty of gift basket options to share their famous sweets with those not within driving distance of one of their shops. You can choose form their Halloween caramel nut popcorn tin, black cat pail of milk and dark chocolate bear claws, chocolate pecan caramel apples, monster apples, and more to celebrate the sweet, sweet season of Halloween.

[Published on Atlanta Food Walk’s Facebook Page, October 2016]


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