Best Wines for your Grocery Haul this Fall

Ernest Hemingway once said that “wine is the most civilized thing in the world.” Naturally, we agree. (Honestly, we would agree with anyone who praises wine…but we digress).  But what does it mean to be ‘civilized’ anyways? defines civilized as being polite, well-bred, refined, and having an advanced or humane culture and society. Rightfully, we argue that the multi-tasking that accompanies a night of Netflix, wine, snacks, and your best gal pals is the epitome of advanced (am I right?). Fortunately, becoming this civilized citizen, the wine drinker, doesn’t have to break the bank. Here’s our three favorite red wines for your grocery haul this fall that give you that civilized taste for cheaper than your monthly Netflix bill.

  1. If you’re searching for something… bold, smooth, and aromatic

Wine to try: Cabernet Sauvignon – Josh Cellars

Cab isn’t typically our go-to, but Josh has us swooning. Josh isn’t your ex-boyfriend or the guy who doesn’t call, he’s the reliable man that your family approves of at Thanksgiving dinner just by showing up. What we like more than Josh’s smooth taste is the sigh of relief our wallet feels after picking him up off the shelf. Sourced from California, Josh is perfect for a steak dinner or dessert night. No matter which you choose, we promise Josh is the guy who won’t disappoint. Average price: $12-$16

  1. If you’re searching for something….spicy, crisp, and unique

Wine to try: Carmenere- Root:1

They say don’t judge a book by its cover….but that doesn’t apply to wine bottles, right? Root:1’s Carmenere, originating from Chile, is probably the red wine you’ve never had and the delightful, spicy surprise your palate has been craving. If we’re being honest, the wine ended up in the cart because of its attractive bottle that immediately sparked dozens of Pinterest plans for the bottle when the wine is gone, but we are extremely satisfied with the spicy, tangy, and unique flavor of Carmenere.  Average price: $10-$13

  1. If you’re searching for something… sweet, simple, and food-friendly

Wine to try: Pinot Noir  – Naked Grape

Sweet, simple, and surprisingly good. This is the best way to describe Naked’s pinot noir. Don’t let the low price concern you, as this wine offers a smooth, crisp, and sweet flavor without the cheap aftertaste that comes with many single dollar digit wines. Naked Grape boasts its pinot noir’s full-bodied cherry and raspberry aromas and promotes its dynamism in pleasantly accompanying any meal or dish. And for all those looking to join the world of the wine-o, this California pinot noir is the ideal entry-level red offering the classic tastes of a red wine, with an enhanced fruity aroma. Average price: $6-$10





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