Eating with your Favorite Fall Shows

Over these next few weeks of fall, prime-time season premieres will gradually be unrolling and we couldn’t be happier. Alas, we have a *socially acceptable* reason to curl up on the couch with our eyes glued to a screen while consuming copious amounts of food.

In honor of the return of our favorite shows, we have designed the ultimate eating guide to take your week-night binges to the next level.

(1) The Big Bang Theory: Monday, 9/19 at 8PM on CBS
Picking out the best Chinese delivery spot in Atlanta is the ultimate mimic to the on-screen roomie dinners of our favorite nerds. That’s why it’s no Bazinga! when we call in our order to Chow Bing Buckhead. The self-proclaimed “heart and soul of Chow Bing” is in their “never-ending quest to be health conscious with the quality and preparation” of their “version of fresh Chinese dishes.” The only thing missing from this is Sheldon Cooper‘s awkward story-telling. *Cue monologue on the historical origin of toasting*

(2) The Voice: Monday/Tuesday, 9/19-9/20 at 8PM on NBC
They say those who can’t sing, karaoke (okay, so we might have just made that up, but we think it’s still a valid point). So after you watch some of America’s best sing their hearts out on national television, we suggest taking your talent to the stage (aka bar) for some singing of your own. East Atlanta’s Mary’s offers karaoke on Tuesday and Saturday nights and is just as eccentric of some of the new judges on The Voice (we see you, Miley Cyrus). We’d turn our chairs for this one.

(3) Grey’s Anatomy Thursday, 9/22 at 8PM on ABC Television Network
Staying true to Meredith Grey‘s love for tequila, Red Pepper Taqueria has stolen our anatomical hearts. Whether your prefer your tequila as a shot, a flight, or mixed into a margarita, your choices are plentiful here. They’re located in walking distance of Buckhead’s nightlife and open until 2AM on Thursdays making it the perfect place to cope with the emotional roller-coaster that comes with any ShondaLand show EVER (all hail Shonda Rhimes). We’ll be ordering extra, just in case Dr. Karev of Dr. Avery decide to stop by and join us πŸ˜‰.


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