Why You Should Drink Hot Lemon Water Every Morning

Nowadays, there are tons of quick-fix diet fads to shed the pounds without the effort. If you’re like me, your skeptic radar immediately goes off. But what if I told you about an all-natural fad that actually does provide all the benefits it claims to? (Ah, honesty).

It requires only 2 basic ingredients (3 if your sweet tooth is being insatiable) and minimal effort. Any guesses? Three words: Hot. Lemon. Water. (Attention sweets lovers: just add honey)!

This simple, yet rewarding, drink is especially ideal for the winter months for its warming effect and immune supporting rewards.  Some people suggest drinking the concoction on an empty stomach to reap the most benefits, but our best advice is to listen to your own body’s needs. Everybody is different! Here are the NUMBER reasons why you should add drinking hot lemon water to your morning ritual:

  • Stomach: I am one of those people who swears the world is ending at the slightest ache in my stomach. Thankfully, hot lemon water helps prevent many of these ailments. The warm temperature of the drink is said to fire up your metabolism, relieve constipation, promote weight loss, and acts as a natural diuretic.
  • Immune System: Want to beat the flu before the flu beats you? Me, too. Fortunately, the natural properties of the lemon help your immune system stay strong. This concoction is known for helping to prevent colds and the flu, protect your body from disease, and just overall detoxify your body with its richness of vitamins and minerals.
  • Skin: If you seek no benefit other than clearer skin, that’s fine with me. Acting as a natural anti-inflammatory, hot lemon water can help reduce puffiness, keep your eyes healthy, hydrate your whole body, all while helping to give you clearer skin in the process.
  • Mind: Now, I am not saying to go dump out your coffee grounds just yet, but you may consider it after adopting the ritual of drinking hot lemon water. The citrus zest is said to help you wake up, promote happiness, and is overall good for your brain. (Bonus: it leaves you with much better breath than does your usual morning cup of coffee)!
  • If I haven’t convinced you yet why adding hot lemon water to your morning routine is the perfect addition to your morning ritual this winter, then let this last reason be the end all. Simply put, lemon water is one of the easiest and most delicious ways to make sure you are drinking enough water, the vital liquid of life that comes with a plethora of its own health benefits!

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