Why you should go to Ireland this January

Whoever coined the phrase the grass is always greener on the other side was definitely on to something…even if it is January.

Surprisingly, winter is the perfect time to book that plane ticket you’ve been putting off. Without the summer rush of travelers flocking across the pond, airlines regularly drop their rates in hopes of encouraging other travelers to take on winter weather abroad. Lately, tickets to Ireland have been among the lowest prices which is great news for experienced and inexperienced travelers alike given the mild temperament of Irish winters. A quick google search of the Cliffs of Moher should have you searching Google Flights for the best deal, but if you’re still not convinced why now is the best time to travel across the pond, here are 5 reasons why you should travel to Ireland this winter.


(1) Ticket prices are low: Seasoned travelers are no strangers to the knowledge that off-season travel is often the cheapest way to travel internationally. The rise of the US dollar has aided in lowering ticket prices even more, making now the perfect time to secure your plane ticket. I suggest searching sitws such as Scott’s Cheap Flights, Clark Howard, and playing around on the google flights map to find the best deals.


(2) It’s green year-round: Ireland is unique in that truly is green from coast to coast year round. As an island nation, Ireland experiences pretty consistent rainfall, leaving the land as green and lush as pictures show. Before you go, book tours to visit the Cliffs of Moher and The Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland to secure your spot on tours to these exhilarating views that portray the green of Ireland in all her glory. I recommend scouting out tours using Viator.com. No worries if you don’t have the time before you leave though as you will still be better off than the summer rush!


(3) Tours and housing are cheaper: In an effort to bring in visitors, various operators offer tours at a discounted price to entice travelers during the off-season when crowds aren’t as plentiful. Additionally, there are many tour operators often offering the same sights so play around with different itineraries until you find one that fits your budget, time, and interests. If you’re in school, keep an eye out for tours with student discounts to save you a few extra bucks! These same discounted patterns apply for all types of housing from hostel to hotel.


(4) It’s less crowded: This is perhaps one of the most under-rated and unnoticed benefits of winter travel. Nothing ruins a nice walk through a foreign city more than feeling like you’re a packed sardine on a sidewalk. Fortunately off-season travelers don’t get stuck in the same dilemma as summer vacationers. Without the aforementioned summer rush, winter travelers often have more space for sight-seeing and can experience a more local atmosphere without the flood of non-natives obscuring their picture views and altering the background noise. It is a special experience to explore a city and truly feel engulfed in its culture and language.


(5) Winter weather isn’t bad: Year-round, Ireland’s weather stays pretty mild. This means that fears of extreme winter weather are unnecessary and that your suitcase wont be taken up solely by bulky winter gear. This benefit is specific largely to Ireland as well as a few southern, coastal countries when discussing winter in Europe which is typically known for its harsh winters. The other mild temperatures of European countries like Spain and Portugal feature activities more beach-related, making them smarter to reserve for summer months. Ireland, however, offers an exciting adventure year-round with the added benefit of cheap tickets RIGHT NOW.


So what are you waiting for? Ireland awaits!


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