Chocolate and Valentine’s Day: A Love Story

Valentine’s Day is unequivocally associated with three things: love, flowers, and (my personal favorite)…chocolate! Singles and couples alike have appreciated this sweet combo for a long time now…but how far back does this relationship actually go?

The Smithsonian Magazine notes that the fanaticism for chocolate and Valentine’s day as a holiday is what sealed the pair’s fate, bringing together two previously disconnected histories. While Cadbury, Hershey, and Stover are three men more popularly attributed with the commercial popularity of chocolates in heart shaped boxes, it was women like Madame du Barry and Marie Antoinette who first recognized the potent powers of chocolate and its ‘seductive capacities.’ However, even before the indulgence and subsequent romanticization of the dark candy, the Aztecs and the Mayans were enjoying chocolate, valuing it as a luxurious commodity. Today, chocolate is a bit more accessible (hallelujah!) and increasingly popular with different shapes, colors, and flavors of it being specifically created for Valentine’s Day. Basically, this not-so-secret love affair between Valentine’s Day and chocolate is rooted in history and it doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon.


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