Millionaire Cupcakes: Atlanta’s Alcohol-Infused Treat

The best Valentine’s Day gift is one that exceeds expectations. While most people are out frolicking through shelves of oversized teddy bears and mass-produced heart-shaped chocolates, there are others who have discovered the perfect sweet for their special someone: A Millionaire Cupcake.

These are the perfect gift for combining three classic Valentine’s treats into one: cupcakes, chocolate, and alcohol. Millionaire Cupcakes come in a variety of different flavors with several different alcohol infusions to choose from. For February, you can pick from cupcake concoctions with Ciroc Vodka, Captain Morgan, Bacardi, KahlΓΊa, or Jose Cuervo. These gourmet treats are made fresh daily with hand-picked, high-quality vanillas and chocolates and start at $30 for a dozen. Ordering is as simple as sending an email and then waiting for your package of Millionaire Cupcakes to arrive at your doorstep as there is not a permanent facility to visit. For residents in Atlanta, shipping is free. Millionaire Cupcakes suggests ordering your batch 3 days before the needed date, making this special treat the perfect post-VDAY surprise for that unsuspecting special someone.

Visit to order your alcohol-infused cupcakes!


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