Taste of Atlanta’s Healthiest Vendors

Midtown’s Taste of Atlanta is every foodie’s dream come true. Showcasing rows upon rows of Atlanta’s best restaurants, it is impossible to leave the event without feeling overjoyed and overstuffed.As such, I made it my mission to experience this food festival in a way that I could use to benefit my overall journey to a healthy me, too (is November too late to start my resolution from January?). Here are the top two healthiest vendors from the Taste of Atlanta.

1. Veda Juice Bar

Address: 365 Peachtree Hills Ave #105, Atlanta, GA 30305

Honestly, I would go here just for the customer service alone. This business passionately advocates for healthier living and strives to make it as convenient as possible for everyone to succeed in doing so. Of course, they’re best know for their nutritious (and delicious!) juices which offer a variety of benefits. They can wake you up, clean you up, or freshen you up all in a convenient 8 or 16 oz.bottle. However, they offer other options for keeping you on track with your healthy eating, too. So if juicing isn’t your thing (yet:p), opt for a portable kale quinoa salad, turkey spinach wrap, or an acai berry bowl. In their journey to help the community “step up to a healthier life,” Veda Juice Bar is making sure that there is a nutritious option to appease everyone’s taste buds. Good prices + good taste = good life.

2. True Food Kitchen

Address: Lenox Square, 3393 Peachtree Rd., Atlanta, GA 30326

This booth was definitely one of my favorites from the Taste of Atlanta, offering both an appetizer and dessert sample all under the same tent. Their menu’s purpose is to provide “honest food that tastes really good”r …and honestly, they exceed this expectation. True Food Kitchen takes your favorite drinks and dishes and redesigns them into a meal that is healthier and , in my opinion, even more delicious than their originals. Craving pizza? Try their vegetarian brussel sprout and wild mushroom creation. Wanting a guiltless girl’s night out? Opt for their citrus skinny margarita, infused with torn mint, cucumber, and organic tequila. Whether you want a drink or a dish, Italian food or Thai, True Food Kitchen flares it up and provides you with your favorite tastes, the healthy way.


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