Where to get Belgian Beer in Atlanta

On February 25th, Nuit Belge Atlanta is bringing an event focused entirely on Belgian and Belgian-inspired beers. Expertly paired, these Belgian beers and dishes have been designed by local chefs within the southeastern US, bringing together culinary talents from Charleston, Nashville, Atlanta, and New Orleans.

Admission to the festival ranges from $99-$149 and gives you a gourmet experience crafted in part with some of Atlanta’s finest restaurants like Empire State South and STAPLEHOUSE. If this is up your alley, reserve your spot at Nuit Belge here: nuitbelge.com. [Pro Tip: it makes the perfect “honey, I’m sorry I forgot Valentine’s Day gift ;p].

Understandably, this price range maybe isn’t on the radar for everyone which is why I have scoured Atlanta’s beer scene to find the best breweries for getting a Belgian experience in a more casual (and wallet-friendly) locale. Luckily, Atlanta’s growing center of breweries leaves you with plenty of options for tasting some Belgian styled beers.

(1) My favorite brewery in the Atlanta area is Decatur’s Three Taverns Craft Brewery so it’s possible that I am a little biased when I suggest that they have the area’s top notch Belgian inspired beers. I mean seriously…they have a beer called ‘A Night in Brussels.’ How much more Belgian can one get?! This IPA gives the perfect level of hop to satisfy your classic beer cravings while introducing you to a bit of Belgian flare. The brewery itself has a calm, woodsy setting and works well with intimate and smaller groups.

(2) Next is Monday Night Brewing who have created a Belgian Whittier playfully titled Fu Manbrew. The brewery, founded by former professionals in the corporate rat race, strives to bring excellent taste into a friendly, fun atmosphere. Their mantra alone sends good vibes, citing that their whole existence is driven by a desire to “deepen human relationships over some of the best beer in the country.” So *obviously* this is the perfect place for you and your friends to get in some weeknight bonding over a couple of brews.

(3) If you find yourself on the Atlanta BeltLine, I suggest a rest stop at Orpheus Brewing. Their location is ideal, their beer names are wild, and the tastes are deliciously unusual. Their Belgian twist comes from their Lyric Ale, a Franco-Belgian Saison. (Bonus: they specialize in two sour beers that stay on tap year ’round and while they’re not necessarily Belgian…they’re unique enough for me to emphasize that you MUST try them too!).

(4) Of the breweries in Georgia, Wild Heaven Beer seems to be the most European inclined, offering three different Belgian inspired beers to choose from: White Blackbird (Belgian-style Saison), Invocation (Belgian-style Golden Ale), and Eschaton (Belgian-style Quadurpleale). They describe their beers as being “designed in the great tradition of European brewing, but with a distinctly American creative flair” and offer that same southern-meets-Belgian brew experience.

(5) Last and certainly not least is Red Brick Brewing Co. which offers up two different Belgian inspired selections: 3 Bagger (Belgian Tripel) and Hibiscuwit (Belgian Wheat). Red Brick is still slightly under the radar compared to local giants like SweetWater Brewing Company, but it is gradually being scouted out as the perfect after-work hangout spot for winding down from life in the office. They have small tables, comfortable couches, and outdoor patio seating to enjoy this “winter” weather this February.


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